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Corporate Interiors

Oxy Oil & Gas Executive Floor

A corporate project for the new executive headquarters of Oxy in Houston, TX completed in the Spring of 2012. This was a 26,000 square foot project entailed full demolition and build-back and included high-end lighting.

Shell CBD Revitalization

This 907,000 square foot project in Houston, TX for Shell Oil Company in 2014 included the demolition and rebuild of 33 office floors, three conference center floors, medical space, a learning center, an auditorium, and a 23,000 square foot fitness center. The project sought to be LEED Gold certified. The total project included 993 miles of CAT6 cabling and 105,000 light bulbs.

Chevron HPCII

This 2010 project was the complete renovation of a 50 level tower and 35 levels and 19 levels of additional towers in Downtown Houston. The total project combined for 2,525,000 square feet of renovated space including demolition and build back. The tower included 47 level of closed offices and 16 closed meeting areas with full audio/visual conferencing.  This LEED Silver project was completed in the fall of 2010.

Chevron Cafeteria

This project was the complete demolition and build back of a full floor 23,000 square foot cafeteria for Chevron in Houston, TX. The kitchen is designed to support 450 daily meals plus seated dining for 300 people. All new electrical distribution was also installed.

Fulbright & Jaworski

The project was the complete in 2013 and included the demolition and remodel of ten floors of office space totaling 255,000 square feet. The project was completed in five phases to allow the client to maintain business operations.

1201 Louisiana Total Plaza

1201 Louisiana Total Plaza redesign is meant to create a more user-friendly, open floor plan, while harnessing the abundant natural lighting that is derived from the tower’s all-glass façade. The renovations encompass the tower’s 821,723 square feet of Class A office space and 11,735 square feet of retail space. We installed new LED lighting across the street and in the 2nd-floor lobbies, as well as new signage on the interior and exterior of the building.